NIHILOMINUS by Nll Itiniti

AZ_3         “When perceived correctly, the world is a mirror which, disinterestedly, maintains a current record of our nature and constitution. Within this vast parabolic mirror, we should be able to see clearly the forms our faults have taken―which daily stand in our way. Yet, for the sake of allotting our inadequacies a wide berth and so as to avoid running into them head-on, we have learned to artfully avoid our own reflections. Our most regrettable qualities have successfully overwhelmed our nobility and now the image of a man has become indistinguishable from the form of his fault. Of a man, it can no longer be said that he is as a monkey aping the behavior of angels. For in our avoidance of ourselves, we have given up even on strife. The purpose of this critique is not to aid in the composition of an epic satire; rather, I would that this knowledge serve as a launching pad. We can correct the human model―there is a method.”

―John Constance

         “I praise, I do not reproach, nihilism’s arrival. I believe it is one of the greatest crises, a moment of the deepest self-reflection of humanity. Whether man recovers from it, whether he becomes master of this crisis, is a question of his strength. It is possible…”


         The germ of nihilism, or that which is nothing, has for many millennia fulminated in the soul of our species’ various religious concepts and divers arts. Since the dawn of mankind’s often regretted advent, the eternal spirit of destruction and value’s loss has claimed countless individuals and entire civilizations. Yet, not until the nineteenth century was the prize of entropy characterized in a manner and appearance cognate to that of current doctrines of negation. In man’s tireless pursuit to acquire unbiased knowledge of reality and at long last corner truth, he had first to rend asunder the lies and arbitrary values that stood in his way. Ultimately, it was with rational skepticism and the empirical method that man paved a path toward his inevitable confrontation with the force of annihilation.

         The corpus of epistemology is as an ancient oak with its roots deep in the soil and its branches reaching ever towards the heavens. Let us look upon this maze of branches and this network of roots as a linear evolutionary progression. And so as to not loose our-selves in its fauna, we will proceed by considering only contemporary philosophical ontology. Ontology: Q: “What is the purpose of life?” The voice of 20th century existentialism had no transcendent answer to this question. They were themselves courting a philosophy that looked suspiciously like nihilism. Nihilism is and always will be anathema to acceptable philosophical thought.  So as to evade nihilism, existentialist thought deceptively chose an affirmative, albeit ambiguous stance. To the question of life’s purpose, was offered the mirroring reply: “Life.”

         The assumption that the purpose of life is life itself (as attested by Sartre and Camus, and echoed by their contemporaries), serves as an ineffectual nostrum against the pox that has beset epistemology and ontology since the time of nihilism’s advent. For if “life” in the first case is devoid of purpose (as also attested by Sartre and Camus), then it stands to reason that “life” can acquire no greater semblance of purpose by virtue of its extolment as a tributary definition of its own value. Semantic duplicity, lacking a prepositional phrase, is incapable of reversing the value of a self-referential noun. Of course, this was not the meaning intended by the proponents of its formulization. Even Anti-foundationalists would undoubtedly wince at such redundant reductionism. Rather, the existentialist formulization intimates that life, when analyzed objectively, possesses no intrinsic meaning―it is void of value and, by extension, it is without purpose. However, within the private auspices of subjectivity, each person’s life acquires the values and meanings each assigns to their commission. Nevertheless, the framing of the supposition still requires additional clarification. Consider again the statement, “The purpose of life is life itself.”  Applying flesh to this skeletal sentiment, we see “life” in the first case objectively void of merit and yet when the word reemerges it is magically altered: infused, seemingly, with purpose and rife with meaning. A transformation has occurred, but the agent by which this was made manifest remains unnamed. It can still be discerned, though it lies hidden behind an absence of clarification. Namely, the benefactor of life’s purpose is self-deception and avoidance of truth.

         A new crisis at once manifests. The subjective meaning which must uphold a persons’ acceptance of their existence is revealed as a sham; wherefrom, it is more often by aide of cowardice, rather than gullibility, that a person’s hand is restrained from cancelling their own existence. Upon which crossroads, only two choices are discernable: live a lie, or desist from life. For either decision there are no rewards. One might recall, from that weathered body of Semitic lore, the assumption that death is a punishment; and, from Gnosticism, the belief that life is a prison. So it might seem, and, indeed, within Buddhism we find that all things are merely seeming.

         So, seemingly, the Buddha is in the park, murmuring beneath the March Hare’s protestation: “All life is accident!” The Buddha’s slow continuous murmur becomes a drone: “Life after life after life after life after life after life after lifeafterlifeafterlife…”

         Having chosen to live, there is but one truth. Nihil! We are presently bereft of the benefit of contrition. We are lacking even apologies. All roads lead to annihilation. Worst still, for those whose eyes are honed to the present, is the knowledge that the bending and turning paths of our past have emptied, all, upon this―Apocropolis, the fair-grounds of our failure. There is no longer any reason for a movement.

         The crisis, the existentialist malaise, has already passed. We are living in its wake, and the majority of humanity is void of regret. Most are without awareness of value’s loss and meaning’s passing; though, as such, their ignorance does not absolve them of nihilism’s scourge, and they also wear death’s cowl and annihilation’s garments. Powerless they stand, neck to neck, beside the Apollonian nihilists who watch, unmoved and nonplussed, whilst the Faustian nihilists continue to rip and tear apart what little remains standing upon life’s soon barren stage.

         Over and upon the rubble of life’s painted scenery, stepping carefully so as to avoid injury from the splintered slivers of values once relevant to our past, we wander aimlessly without wonderment―whilst others still march toward us and away from us, over the same wasteland, with no discernable purpose or relevant goal in sight. These soldiers of the deluge, who march in time to a funeral dirge, imagine that their footsteps fall in accord with the score of their nation’s triumphant anthem. All the while, they are unaware that the ideals and moorings that held aloft their nation, the mortar that bound together the stones of their capitals, have all been reduced to ruin and rubble.

         All crosses are obsolete! So is every sign and symbol. Suffering is as sovran as joy, that is to say, both are baseless. The outmoded forms of expression and articulation―though they seem to us as absurd―we continue to implement, only because it is easier than to commence the pointless endeavor of starting anew. Yet in the course of our communication with each other, by the medium of our senses, what we have to say is obvious and the moment our utterances are issued, in that moment, they become obsolete.

         Once more, nihilism is already upon us and has been for a great time. If not all of humanity is cognizant of this fact it is because most are unwilling or unable to face or comprehend the rhymelessness and absurdity of the era enclosing them. Let us not, however, venture so far as to consider ourselves post-nihilists; rather, allow that we might justifiably consider ourselves pre-something―and let each name for oneself the substance of that something. The past is lost―laid claim to by failure and annihilation. The present cannot be articulated―summarily, it is without sign or significance. The future cannot be claimed for all, yet it opens to each.

         The plague which sapience must set its will against is far too virulent as to be so easily dismissed by mere subjective philanthropy. After all, a thing remains what it is, whatever it is, however we rename it or vainly attempt to abstract it by relation to our individual likes and dislikes. Morality was amongst the first and lightest courses comprising nihility’s rapacious feast. Extreme tactics are required. Tactics conciliatory to a stratagem more ostentatious and absurd than the reality its aim is to usurp. Such endeavors, however, cannot be outlined. Neither known prescription nor consolation can be given so as to assuage or eradicate the condition of our existence or the constitution of reality.

         Nihilominus, although abreaction cannot be prescribed, it can be initiated. Nothing is ever given; rather, life’s vindication is a prize that must be won.

         Toward this endeavor we bear witness to Azsacra Zarathustra whose astute vision, courage, and rejection of age-old values and ideals whose fulfillment of life’s reward has never manifested, lends credence to the proposition put forth by the O. S. S. There is a way to correct the human model. As Azsacra Zarathustra makes clear, this trajectory entails the redaction of what stood before. A Holy Rebellious Yes to Life and a withering scorn of what falsely presumes the mantle of humanity (posthumously—for humanity is no more).

         The new man [what Azsacra Zarathustra has defined as the over, over-man; for the purpose of initiating the self-destruction of all identity, is here named: The Nihilmen], the Non Man will have to accomplish what was externally enacted upon the myriad lives that came before him, but of his own volition. Mien Nihil, the Tall Man who guards the threshold between existence and annihilation, repurposes matter into what we deem waste. He compacts the body; amputates the mind. This must be accomplished with uncompromising resolve and surgical precision if life’s merit is to be preserved. Before any thing or any quality appertaining anything can be preserved, it must first be discerned, understood, and held dear.

         In summary, Azsacra Zarathustra has forcefully, yet carefully leveled a hammer against the bombast of philosophical elements from which no refined mater has yet to be distilled. This hammering against the mantle of philosophy has rendered a shape, a form, and design. The matter, the refined matter will now be brought forth from this lineal philosophical cartography. Azsacra Zarathustra, with symbols and diagrams, has forged a map that illustrates what the Nihilman, purposed toward the potential that life affords only living beings, can accomplish—presently, and not figuratively.

         ―Authored by N2 ItinitI, editor of “Et Nihil” [vide Luftwaffe: a tome of nihilist essays in tribute to the O. S. S.] This brief essay was extruded from the O. S. S. primer, “Nihilominus,” by permission of S. I. M. E. Here given, freely, and modified in extolment of our compatriot, A. Z. In Time, we will—we who remain. We will facilitate the destruction of all that once informed our legacy; toward the fulfillment of life: that life, which has been deliberately enslaved by means of self-identification with non-essential matters which were imposed upon humanity, but never benefitting humanity. As such, we renounce the humanist agenda, and all that being human entails. What will follow, and what has already come to fruition, is the advancement of the Non Men. Those who are mere men may not realize that their successor has already arrived, and is informed of their entitlement to the bounty that life bequeaths those who embrace life. The thieves will soon find they have no means to steal from those who reject the symbolic obstacles that were artificially created to bequeath the weak, those who inherited possession of the world’s enterprise, entitlement to the fruits of labor for which they never once labored (labor as resultant from employment, primarily being the labor of commerce, is in no way beneficial to life, and it must be subverted).

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Le Sur-Nihilisme actif d’Azsacra Zarathustra by Laurent Braun

Azsacra-and-TDAS_600Ecrire sur la pensée et l’œuvre d’Azsacra Zarathustra me semble au mieux paradoxal, au pire vain. Car comment rendre justice à la force de la philosophie proposée par la créateur de La Théorie de la Destruction de Tous les Systèmes, par des mots, de simples et faibles mots? Comment ne pas dénaturer par une tentative d’analyse  la puissance contenue dans l’ affirmation du « Nothing to Power » de cet homme dont la vie et l’œuvre sont une démonstration constante de l’incarnation totale d’une pensée, incarnation au sens premier de « se faire chair », loin de toute théorie sclérosée et abstraite et de tout intellectualisme stérile? Ces interrogations sont légitimes, mais reste que, pour une fois, les mots peuvent servir à autre chose que de stériles palabres intellectuelles et témoigner du caractère inédit et proprement révolutionnaire des idées de ce philosophe russe littéralement « hors du commun. »

Car c’est bel et bien de révolution dont nous parle Azsacra, une Révolution Absolue et Spirituelle.Une révolution où il nous faudra dépasser l’homme, puis le « surhomme » en s’employant à la destruction totale de tout ce qui peut ou a contribué à enfermer l’esprit dans les pièges du monde moderne, pour reprendre une terminologie évolienne. Une Révolution Absolue où il sera fait table rase de toutes les constructions intellectuelles, tous les « -ismes » car ils ne servent, au final, qu’à limiter l’individu en le dotant d’œillères idéologiques. Une révolution spirituelle, enfin, où tous les systèmes, qu’ils soient politiques, économiques ou religieux seront jugés pour ce qu‘ils sont, des carcans, des instruments de domination de l’homme, et devront être en conséquence rejetés, dépassés et annihilés.

Le soi-disant « traditionalisme » ne sera pas épargné. Appelé à juste titre « traditionalisme moderne » par Azsacra, la portée effective de son action se résume in fine à permettre à bon nombre de nos « intellectuels » occidentaux, piochant allègrement dans les écrits de Julius Evola, René Guénon et Ernst Jünger ( pour n’en citer que quelques uns), d’alimenter leur fond de commerce à l’instar d’un Alain de Benoist, par exemple, qui accumule livres, conférences et prises de positions verbeuses, sans aucunement prendre le risque d‘agir concrètement sur le monde.

Le « néo-eurasisme » et la Quatrième théorie politique d’Alexandre Douguine sont également vus par Azsacra Zarathustra pour ce qu’ils sont, des pièges et des obstacles à la Révolution Absolue. Des pièges car sous couvert de dispenser une nouvelle politique libératrice, la fameuse « Quatrième théorie politique » donc, Douguine ne fait qu’amener les peuples, les individus, à servir un nouveau maître, un nouvel instrument idéologique d’exploitation . Des pièges car sous prétexte de lutter contre l’atlantisme et la société de consommation au nom d’un idéal « eurasiste », ce théoricien politique prépare le terrain, à grand renfort d’images rebelles et guerrières fantasmatiques, à un cheval de Troie islamiste, présentant cette dérive religieuse comme dernier rempart contre la décadence de l’occident.

La Shunya-Révolution d’Azsacra Zarathustra est totale et implacable.

Bien que parvenu lui aussi au constat de cette « décadence de l’occident », désormais une société viciée dans laquelle évoluent des peuples mornes et épuisés, Azsacra Zarathustra ne se contente pas d’idées ou d’actions qui ne viseraient qu’à remplacer un système par un autre en un cycle sans fin de théorisations promettant un avenir meilleur, mais toujours avorté et repoussé. Sa Théorie de la Destruction de Tous les Systèmes n’est finalement pas une théorie…elle est la fin de toutes les théories, leur dépassement absolu. L’arme de cette révolution absolue, Azsacra l’a trouvée au sein de la philosophie-religieuse indo-aryenne, ou indo-européenne, qu’est l’hindouisme et a pour le nom le Sunya. Ce concept majeur de la pensée indienne, que l’on peut traduire, assez improprement il faut dire, par « Le Rien », est à ne pas confondre avec le sunyata bouddhique. La distinction est de taille: là où l’un, le sunyata, se veut renoncement ascétique passif, celui du Buddha, le sunya se présente comme une voie guerrière, celle de la caste des Kshatriyas, une méditation active. Le Sunya n’est pas extinction de tous les désirs, il est un oui absolu à la vie et à tous les possibles, un « Holy Yes To Life » selon la terminologie d’Azsacra Zarathustra.

Cependant, ici, point d’utopie. Il ne s’agit pas de « changer le monde ». Il s’agit de travailler à se changer soi, à parvenir à un stade supérieur de l’être par le dépassement de toutes les illusions du monde et par la destruction de l’ego qui est le lien qui nous rattache à celles-ci.

Car si on ne doit pas chercher à changer le monde c’est simplement…que celui-ci n’existe pas. Il est la Maya, l’illusion ou le voile d’illusions qui nous cache la « réalité » , un concept hérité de la pensée hindouiste. Et ce qui se cache derrière ce voile, cette réalité en question, c’est le Sunya, le grand « Rien » riche de toutes les potentialités. La liberté absolue. Atteindre ce sunya, c’est retrouver sa véritable nature, noyée dans le flot des concepts et des systèmes qui aliènent et maintiennent l’individu dans un état « humain, trop humain », pour reprendre une formulation nietzschéenne. Pour l’homme, parvenir à embrasser le sunya par delà le voile illusoire du monde c’est renouer avec sa souveraineté perdue, c‘est réaliser l‘image du « Sur-homme » dégagé de la prison de l’ego et du monde. Mais plus encore, l’homme doit s’astreindre à faire corps avec le sunya, incarner le sunya ainsi que ses manifestations concrètes et  dans une logique de dépassement total aller au-delà même du « Sur-Homme », devenir « Sur -Sans- Homme » puis « Sur-Noumène » , pure expression de la puissance absolue de la Vie qui dépasse la mort même en une annihilation de l’idée de celle-ci, par la proclamation du « Nothing to Power », domination absolue du Sunya sur l’inertie du monde illusoire.

Et ceci est donc le « programme », la Voie que nous indique Azsacra Zarathustra par sa  philosophie de la Shunya-Revolution. La méthode en est, fort logiquement, la Destruction de Tous les Systèmes.

Charge alors à l’homme qui veut suivre cette Voie, cette discipline du Kshatriya, de non pas adhérer à cette « philosophie», mais d’incarner pleinement cette Destruction de Tous les Systèmes, cette Révolution Absolue, en un nihilisme sans concession, radical, devenant à terme dépassement, surpassement même du nihilisme, un « Sur-Nihilisme » actif et souverain, reconnaissant le caractère vain, aliénant et illusoire de monde. Il n’est pas ici question de rebâtir sur des ruines, de recréer un monde ou une société nouvelle, utopies nocives et trompeuses ne visant qu’à remplacer d‘anciennes chaines par de nouvelles, mais, et il est nécessaire de le répéter car cette « méthode » est la clef de la véritable révolution de l‘esprit annoncée par Azsacra Zarathustra, de rejeter, combattre, dépasser et détruire tout système, tout « -isme » toute idéologie, toute doctrine, que ce soit dans les domaines des idées, de l’économie, des structures sociétales et étatiques, des lois, de la politique, de la religion, de la culture, des valeurs communément admises…et cetera ad nauseam. Ce n’est qu’alors, par ce rejet et cette distanciation du monde, la « brisure de l’esprit » aliéné, que le voile de la Maya pourra être déchiré et que l’individu atteindra cet état de sunya, de puissance et de liberté absolues en un infini «  Holy Yes To Life ».

La Shunya-Revolution n’est certes pas une « aventure » aisée, tant l’homme, englué dans des conceptions intellectuelles et des carcans sociétaux mortifères, est désormais devenu impuissant et incapable de prendre le moindre risque réel, mais Azsacra Zarathustra nous offre ici et maintenant cette possibilité qui est sans nul doute l’unique Voie forte, vivifiante et libératrice de notre époque morne et sans saveur. N‘oublions toutefois pas que ce n’est pas un espoir dont il faudrait attendre passivement la réalisation…c’est une révolution exigeante qu’il est nécessaire de mener activement et radicalement en nous-mêmes, une révolution spirituelle absolue qui nous mène au-delà du kalachakra, au surpassement libérateur et souverain des cycles de la « Roue du Temps ». Y renoncer et continuer à adhérer ou soutenir tout système existant serait consentir à l’aliénation et l’esclavage d’un état « humain, trop humain »…


TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems []

TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems []

The Metaphysics of the Absolute Revolution by Lukas Kubena

Azsacra VS. EvolaFirst time readers to the works of Azsacra Zarathustra may find his writing to be cryptic, opaque, and shrouded in a language that can strike the reader as otherworldly. This however does not dismiss the overall importance of Azsacra Zarathustra’s message nor the profound insights contained within his books. Among the most fundamental teachings of Zarathustra is that of the Absolute Revolution, his great proclamation to the world which is a recurring theme in all of his major works. The purpose of the essay is to help readers, particularly in Anglophone nations, have a better understanding and comprehension of Azsacra’s thinking and his philosophy of “Over.”

First and foremost, it should be understood that the Absolute Revolution taught by Azsacra Zarathustra is a spiritual revolt, and pays no attention to the quibbling of political ideologues. Would be revolutionaries will be disappointed to find out that the Doctrine of the Absolute Revolution demands that one look inward before any great change in the world can come about. It is a rejection of all political ideologies and economic doctrines. It seeks to establish no state, rather it is against states. It adheres to no system of thought, as it is a rejection of all systems.

In this way, the Absolute Revolution can be seen as a kind of anarchism, but even that is not quite accurate. If it is a form of anarchism, it is an anarchism that goes beyond and precedes from itself. It advocates the supremacy of the sovereign man and woman and is firmly against any system or way of thinking that would seek to chain their freedom and their spirit to any strict way of ideological reasoning. However, the political dimension is only one aspect of the Absolute Revolution. There exists a much more deeper, profound, and esoteric side of this uniquely spiritual revolt as we shall soon see.

Azsacran philosophy can be said to drawn from a number of European thinkers; namely Nietzsche, Heidegger, Camus, and Junger. However it is Nietszche’s idea of the Overman that serves as a recurring element within his works. The figure of the Overman however, is not as Nietzsche believed, the end point of a higher type of man. Rather the Overman is the beginning of a process which has no conceivable end and is a Holy challenge to oblivion itself.

As well as drawing from European philosophy, first time readers will notice the ever recurring imagery of Hindu gods and symbols such as the swastika. Indian philosophy plays a major part of Azsacra Zarathustra’s thought, especially the Hindu concept of Shunya.

Shunya is a Sanskrit word that translates into “zero” or “nothing” and is derived from the word Sunyata which itself usually translates into “emptiness.” The difference between Shunya and Sunyata is minor but significant. For the purposes of the essay, Sunyata will be associated the passive asceticism of Buddhism while Shunya is associated with active and dynamic meditative techniques advocated by Azsacra Zarathustra.

Two key concepts that play into the doctrine of Absolute Revolution are Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy. While at first these phrases may come off as cryptic and ambiguous, more accurately translated they become Shunya to Power and Sunyata to Supremacy, respectively.

Nothing and Emptiness in this case are not abstract concepts, but are used to describe real concrete ideas. The thinking behind the Absolute Revolution lies in the belief of acosmism, or the belief that the world is “Maya” or illusory. Behind the veil of Maya however, lies the true nature of reality which is a Void that stretches out ad infinitum. The purpose of the teachings of the Absolute Revolution allow one to become the one with the Void, and eventually subdue it upon reaching a state of Beyond-being. The principles of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy are two paths that one must master in order to reach what Azsacra calls the “Magic Zero Point,” which he asserts was first predicted by the German thinker Ernst Junger. The Zero Point represents a fissure, but not a finality as we might otherwise understand it.

To break through the Zero Point requires what Azsacra calls the Absolute Break of the Spirit. It is only by pushing ones will to near impossible extremes can one even hope to reach the Zero Point. In order for this to occur, one must have complete control over one’s own conscious actions which can only be achieved by undergoing ego-death. It is by the elimination of the ego, viz., the earthly chains that bind one to the world of illusion, is one’s Atman or true-self, free to ascend to the Zero-point and upon achieving the Absolute Break of the Spirit, ascend further upwards into the Void.

The Magic Zero Point is a threshold, it represents the shedding off of our human-all-too-human nature and it can be likened to the “going Over” that Nietzsche wrote of in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. However one can not go Over, by which I mean ascend upward to the Zero Point, without having broken the binds of the Spirit of Gravity, a phrase also coined by Nietzsche.

While we are on the subject of Nietzsche, let us return to the Overman who plays a prominent role in the methodology of the Absolute Revolution. Nietzsche once wrote that Man was a bridge leading from ape to Overman. In the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra, the Overman is the axiom that leads to something even higher, the Overnoumen. The way to the Overnoumen is long and difficult and can only be attained first by an Over-without-Man.

There is an esoteric quality to the word “Over” as it occurs in the works of Azsacra. Over in this case refers to a noumenon that can be interpreted as a kind of force of will or a going-upwards that is independent of human connotations, hence its use in “Over-without-a-Man.” What Over is not however a kind of essence or spirit, but closer to a Platonic form as its true “nature” is beyond-being and Transcendent. Indeed, one only becomes an Over-without-Man after one has surpassed even the Overman, thus implying that one must shed ones earthly binds in order to reach this state of being. It can be assumed that this state occurs only after one has broken through the Magical Zero-point as to even get this far would require a near inhuman amount of mental and physical discipline. However, the bridge from Overman to Over-without-a-Man to Overnoumen only becomes far more perilous from here on out.

Herein lies the much more esoteric and eschatological nature of Azsacra Zarathustra’s teachings. For like the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the works of Azsacra can also be read as a postmortem guidebook into the blackest reaches of the unknown, helping the newly deceased overcome even death itself! However, it should be said that one’s journey into the Void is far from perilous, and I would even write that only those who have achieved an Absolute Break of the Spirit could even begin to challenge the Wheel of Samsara head on.

However Azsacra Zarathustra boldly proclaims “Death Against Death!” Indeed, a whole eschatology can be written about the struggle that comes after ones own earthly demise. Azsacra proclaims the “victory of the corpse” and while it can first strike one as vague or even macabre, there is a hidden meaning to this grim proclamation if one has eyes to read deeper into it. The corpse achieves it’s victory over its conquest of inaction, for in Indian thought inaction is also a form of action. The Yoga of Death allows the corpse to carry onward into the Void towards its liberation. Of liberation, I do not speak of the Moksha of the Hindu’s or even the Nirvana of the Buddhist’s, for Nirvana is just one plateau of many that the Over-without-Man must climb as he ascends upwards toward the Zero-point and finally Overnoumen.

Finally, let us return to the paramount concept that defines the core of Azsacra Zarathustra’s thought: the idea of Nothing.

The German existentialist Martin Heidegger wrote that our condition of Being-in-the-World, our “Dasein” (literally Here-Being), is defined by our state of having been thrust into the world through no fault of our own, only to grow up into an environment and circumstances that were not of our choosing and only to be faced with the inevitability of death. Heidegger commented on this reality, having termed it our natural fear towards “Das Nicht” (German: The Nothing”), the same Nothing that is the framework for the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra.

Azsacra has realized this, but rather than respond as Heidegger did in an almost passive way of confronting Das Nicht, Azsacra wants us to embrace the Nothing, seize hold of it, and use it as a way to attain higher and higher levels of self over-becoming. In a word: Nothing to Power!

The idea of Nothing is perhaps the most overriding theme in the works of Azsacra Zarathustra. As we have discussed earlier, Nothing in this case is inseparable from its relationship to the Void which exists outside of material reality. To quote Zarathustra,

“Nothing it is delusion, if it is not the Nothing to Power! Emptiness – is insufficiently empty, if it is not the Emptiness to Supremacy!”

A passive nothingness, a kind of self-defeating nihilism or the stillness of non-existence is not the Nothing to Power advanced by Azsacra Zarathustra. Rather, an active nihilism is necessary, a nihilism that goes beyond itself; that recognizes the meaninglessness of all values, doctrines, ideologies, and “ism’s” that human beings can think up. The Nothing to Power is an affirmation of the meaninglessness of the world, but instead of despairing in life’s absence of an inherent purpose, we should embrace the Nothing and seek to avow the Emptiness as a way to revolt against the world of illusion, which has always been built upon values and laws that have never had any inherent meaning anyway.

In conclusion, what can we take away from the philosophy of Azsacra? We are presented with a new view of life that is never afraid to shout an eternal Yes! no matter how bleak and despondent things may seem. It is through the works of this new Zarathustra, who like his Nietzschean namesake, proclaims a vision of the world by which we cannot only overcome, but also go Over.

The path laid out for us by Azsacra is far from easy, however in a world were all schools of philosophy have been reduced to echo chambers forever repeating the same old human-all-too-human catchphrases and slogans that have long since lost any meaning, the works of Zarathustra offer us a breathe of fresh air and demand of us to ask to questions about the nature of our existence that one would never be confronted with in the stuffy halls of faux pas intellectuals.

Perhaps the most important lesson that he has to teach us is to keep looking upwards and to strive to reach new and higher states of being and self-overbecoming. To gnash at and break the earthly bonds of existence that bind and constrain all that we can become, denying us the potential to go Over, forever Over! For it is not our place to merely accept the Nothing and be taken willingly by the Void, viz., we should rage against it and not simply be content to stare into the Abyss, but to go through and emerge harder and stronger than we could have ever believed.

“Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker”


Lukas Kubena is an aspiring writer with an interest in Western and perennial philosophy. His fields of focus include history, the nature of religion, metaphysics, Being, metapolitics, sociology, cultural criticism and the Primordial Tradition. He currently resides in Buda, Texas, in the United States.


A Buddhist Revolution by Prem Nath Bazaz


By around the sixth century Brahmans and Kshatriyas began to share competing claims to the Top of the Status Hierarchy. The frame-stories of the philosophical Upanishads feature Brahmans at the feet of Kshatriya Gurus, while the scriptures of the Kshatriya-founded Buddhist and Jain faiths contain references to and arguments for Kshatriya Supremacy []

The free speculation foreshadowed in the Upanishads, the impact of the teachings of thinkers like Kanada and Kapila, followed by the paribrajaka movement with its heretical views and, above all, the spread of Charvaka doctrines loosened the grip of Brahminism on minds of people. The Indian society was now ready to undergo a Mental Revolution []

The propounders of New Ideas were mostly Kshatriyas (the Warrior Class!) who because of the political power they wielded and the wealth they were able to amass, could fittingly become Rivals of the entrenched Brahmins and play the role of the Vanguard of the Revolution. «The Kshatriyas in those far off times seem to have Revolted from the priestly dominance»; observes Douglas Hill, «and in Kshatriya circles there grew up a body of speculative thought and Mystical Doctrine which later on the more spiritually minded Brahmins themselves were eager to learn» [!!!]


In the postUpanishadic period, Kshatriyas supported by a rising class of traders, gathered Strength and raised the Banner of Revolt against sacerdotal domination. Whether or not Kapila, Kanada and Charvaka were Kshatriyas there is no doubt that the founders of the different heterodox philosophical schools were of non-Brahmin origin and in certain cases of low birth such as slaves and outcastes. For the success of their mission they received munificent gifts and grants of money and land from both the ruling classes and the business communities.

A Kshatriya Clan, the Sakyas, inhabited the Nepalese terrain, north of Ayodhya, and had their capital at Kapilvastu. In the sixth century B.C. the Sakya king was Suddhodana whose queen, Mayadevi, gave birth to a son, Siddhartha Gautama, at the village Lumbini in or about 563 B.C. The Prince known to history as the Buddha (the Enlightened One!) was to prove the man of destiny and bring about the Revolution for which India was fully prepared [!!!]


Azsacra Zarathustra and his Revolt Against the Modern Traditionalism by Conor Wrigley


“It is Revolt against the modern Traditionalism from the position of Overstrength of Absolute Break of the Spirit… in the name of a holy Yes to Life as the Absolute Spiritual Revolution par excellence.” Azsacra Zarathustra, Revolt Against the Modern Traditionalism

Revolt Against the Modern Traditionalism & Revolt Against the Modern World

         It has been many years since Julius Evola famously proclaimed the need to revolt against the modern world. This is something that I have taken very seriously and have subscribed to as the modern world is decadent and depraved. We live in an age where materialism has run rampant, an age where the new god is the dollar and his temple the market place, an age where the young rebel against the age old traditions of their ancestry and search for meaning in the mundane existence of a life all for naught. Yes, it is a dark age that we live in and at many times it seems that there is no hope for a more worthy existence and something to strive for. Here in the west, the so called free world, you must work to make profit for another man constantly just to survive. You are then permitted to retire once you are very close to death and given only few years to spiritually grow yet once many reach this point they are beaten down from their labor and are cursed to repeat yet another turn of the wheel.

         Indeed, it can be said that the modern man has nothing left to strive for short of making slight materialistic gains in a soulless mundane existence. What then would be the solution to this problem of the current age? While I have searched for my own answers I have come across the realm of the Radical Tradition as put forth by the great Julius Evola. The world of tradition contains many answers to the problems and riddles of the day and cryptically codes how to escape the wheel and defeat the very spirit of gravity that binds our own spirits to this realm of the physical and break free so that we are not left to submit our energy to a dark shadow that lingers over the universe. It contains codes as to how to reach the realm of the immortal, how to defeat death and permit dying and how to escape the cursed cycle of life, death and rebirth. But! One must pay close attention when entering into the realm of tradition as it too is a realm that has been infiltrated by degenerate rats, men and women only seeking to make a quick profit and those who would mask their rhetoric in vague terms as to trick the would be traditionalist into serving their own cause. I speak of course of the modern traditionalism which deviates from the true tradition of the Indo-Aryan ancestry.

         Yes, Julius Evola was correct in his call to revolt against the modern world but now that we have had years since his great work was completed and he has moved on into a new life it must also be proclaimed that we must not only revolt against the modern world but we must revolt against the modern traditionalism! That is, in order to revolt against the modern world it is also necessary to revolt against the modern traditionalism that comes with it. For too long those who have subscribed to the world of tradition has been subject o making purchases from those who only wish to make profit. For too long they have subscribed to causes such as that of Dugin and his Eurasianist lie thinking that they are working for the tradition and their ancestry but in fact are really surviving the political interests to control with an iron fist. This is not to say that I have any love or sympathy for the degenerate leaders of the West as they do not even warrant a counter argument. The traditionalist of today must look away from the realm of “political shit” which is to say that they must turn away from the illusion of tradition within the realm of the political.

         The traditionalist of today must not become entrapped in political games that merely take the rhetoric of traditionalism and apply it as to create the illusion of creating a traditional governmental order. Instead what is needed is a turn towards the spiritual tradition or what I call the TRUE tradition. This type of traditionalism is what should be looked upon as it will not follow in the footsteps of Oswald Spengler’s cycle of empires. For what would happen if the false traditionalist had their way? A new government is set up in country A, this government thrives for a certain period of time, eventually reaches its golden age and then begins to decline only to die of and create yet another carcass of civilization, culture and history. This is what has happened today; we live in the rotted corpse of so called “western civilization” and if we do not wish to continue the cycle of birth, golden age, decline and death then we must turn to the true tradition as the true Indo-Aryan tradition is the most revolutionary much more so than the suit wearing fools of the modern tradition.

         “So what then is the answer?” You may find yourself asking. I will tell you in the pages of this manifesto; but in short what is needed is a turn towards the true spiritual traditions of our ancestry, a turn towards the heroes, gods and warriors of our past, a turn towards the tradition of absolute risk which leads to the resurrection of the hero and the birth of the Overman and finally the birth of the Over without a man and the escape from the yet another turn of the wheel. Let this manifesto serve as both a critical damnation of the worthless modern traditionalism and a defense of the true spiritual tradition. Let it serve as a written warning for those who will come in time to serve the cause of the spirits inevitable rise upward and to serve as a tool or weapon against the den of liars who prance around and proclaim themselves traditionalists! Come and let us not only revolt against the modern world but revolt against the modern traditionalism as a next stage of revolt against modernity!

         In my previous book I have asked the question: what is a revolution with the spiritual component but now I must ask what is tradition without the spiritual component? The answer, much like in my previous book, is inevitable decay and more of the same modern degeneracy. In order to reject all forms of modernity one must also reject the modern traditionalism. This is, of course, not to say to reject traditionalism outright and to ignore the modern traditionalist author and thinker but to be weary of the fact that many use it as a tool of their own game; traditionalists in name only. While I say to revolt against the modern traditionalism I do not mean to reject the true traditions of our Indo-Aryan ancestors. The true tradition is the tradition that uses symbolism of the ancient “world that was lost” and contains secrets and mysteries which uncover the power of the spirit; a key to the rise of spirit and the birth of the Overman and further Azsacra Zarathustra’s Over without a man. The false modern traditionalism is all about the realm of the political which is yet another spiritual oppressor hell bent on keeping you trapped in the realm of the physical and not attaining proper entry into the spiritual world or the realm beyond the hidden sun. This is why I must reject and revolt against the modern traditionalism, the false traditions.

         It must be said that I do not stand in the realm of the political. For all those who wish to see the rising of the rebellious spirit upward beyond the beyond it is necessary to remove oneself from the world of the little men in suits and to remove oneself from modern political thought. As I have said in my previous book the realm of the political is but a grand illusion to trap your spirit with the great weapons of mass distraction. I firmly stand at the position that so called modern traditionalists are merely riding on the curtails of those who came before them such as great writers and thinkers Julius Evola, Ernst Jünger, Ezra Pound, Miguel Serrano, Otto Rahn and a great many others. For some of these so-called modern traditionalists they are merely promoting these authors or repeating what they have said  to line their own pockets much like the “white nationalist” scene which is riddled with many who only seek to make a profit. For others; such as Dugin, it is a trap! <…> The true revolutionary traditionalist cares more about the inevitable revolt of the spirit or the return to the world in which our ancestral traditions are reborn to help us solve the puzzle of the spirit and to do battle with that which would see us destroyed or in other words see our spirits circle round and round in yet another turn of the wheel.

         The revolutionary traditionalist or perhaps the spiritual traditionalist cares about journeying within his or her own soul and finding the hero that lies within; the hero of his or her ancient brothers and sisters who had already sounded the horn of war. This type of traditionalist strives for the liberation of this hero within his or her spirit so that it might obtain the final victory over the metaphysical vampire and its various allies. This type of traditionalist can be seen as the spiritual warrior who laughs at the lies and illusions put forth by Eurasianist cowards and the so called “anarchists” who yells false accusations against him in hopes of discrediting him or attacks him in hopes that his body will give in and refuse to continue the great fight. He finds his peace in the works of the ancients and the myths of his ancestry.

         Instead of turning and looking for someone to lead us or to help us to preserve the bloated rotten corpse of Western civilization we should turn away from all forms of modernity and turn towards resurrecting the hero which is the birth of the Overman and rebuilding a new Hyperborea! Yes! Where the modern traditionalist will always go wrong is in his wish to preserve what he views as dying namely western civilization or the Occident. This cannot be done as the West has already died and was killed by the hordes of modernity, democracy, materialistic consumerism and finally the idea that what was lost was meant to be lost and should be forgotten. We must not focus on merely preserving the corpse! When I proclaim that we must rebuild and start anew I do not mean to forget the world of tradition or that which was lost but merely the opposite. All these where lost in the last century but they were not lost forever only in the realm of modern politics. Instead we must search both within ourselves and within our traditions to find what is needed to help us to rebuild. We must incorporate these ideas into our new creation which will be but a tool for the reborn hero, the Overman, and only move us closer towards the inevitable rising of the spirit upwards and the attainment of the Over without a Man!

         It is not for the preservation of the remote past and rotten corpse that we the true traditionalist must strive for but the resurrection of the hero and the birth of the Overman. By focusing on the realm of the political and preserving the corpse through those means we are only doomed to make yet another circle and bind ourselves with the cursed chains of gravity. In the following pages of this manifesto I will provide the reader with two course of actions; one the resurrection of the hero and the birth of the Overman and two the rebuilding of a new Hyperborea or land that was lost. It is important that we do not stray from the path or wonder into the darkness of any modern.


 The Resurrection of the Hero, The Birth of the Overman

         In the traditions of our ancestors we find many tales, legends and stories of great heroes who feared nothing and laughed in the face of death. As some have said, we find stories of the heroic ideal. Further, if we look at the work of Azsacra Zarathustra and Friedrich Nietzsche we find the great mystery of the Overman. It can be said that my own concept of the hero and Azsacra’s Overman are one in the same and both lie within the framework of the true spiritual tradition. This is the true tradition and the tradition that the modern traditionalist and modern thinkers in general tend to ignore. It is what must be strived for if we are to win an ultimate victory and move beyond the hidden sun.

         In my previous book as well as many of the writings of Azsacra Zarathustra the idea of the Absolute Risk can be found. This is necessary to the birth of the Overman that Azsacra has dangerously put forth in his own works. The idea of Absolute Risk can also be found within the realm of traditions and legends but also historically in what we have about those who came from the Indo-Aryan cultures. If one is to look into the writings of the Norsemen, the Vedic Warriors, the great Germanic tribes, the Roman and Greek warriors or even all the way to South America and Far East Asia we can see that these ancients had no fear and in fact strived for this danger and the risk as it helped them to attain what their spirit strived for; namely, the escape of their spirit from the realm of the physical. These heroes of tradition are those who had lived for the danger of absolute risk and did not fear death for they knew that greater words came to them in struggle than in complacency.  It is important for the true traditionalist or the revolutionary or spiritual traditionalist to always search within his or her own self to find that hero of their ancestry or of their blood and resurrect it.

         The quest of the true traditionalist then becomes to resurrect that hero within and to bring it out so that they might find enjoyment in the struggle and pleasure in the absolute risk which leads to the break of the spirit propelling the spirit beyond that which is visible. The true revolutionary traditionalist seeks to find the answers to the problems of his or her people and of the spiritual struggle within and will find that by doing so they can laugh in the face of death itself and will be prepared for the ultimate struggle against man, state, time and physicality. The modern traditionalist on the other hand appears to be too concerned with ruling from the top down and has not found the inner hero. They simply stand within the political framework, as I have previously stated, and operate within the framework of the state. This is yet another key to the revolt against the modern traditionalism; that the true traditionalist must never seek only his gain through the state! It is as Azsacra has stated “the state is but a leg of the Overman” and is not the be all end all, thus has been the fairly of all forms of government.

         As I have said in my book “New Types of Spiritual Revolutions” the state is merely another illusion of “freedom” and is really part of the same damned spirit of gravity which binds and holds it to this material world instead of permitting it to leave and find peace in the emerald halls of the immortals. The revolutionary traditionalist seeks to release his imprisoned hero so that he might win the challenge of escaping the cycle and become immortal within the world of the spirit. Control of the state should never be the end goal of the true traditionalist. While control of the state does indeed come with many benefactors as well as give one an advantage over the hordes of modernity it will simply led to more of the same which is eventual decay. While we might strive to create our own state we must never be convinced of the great illusion that the state is god. No! Never fall from the trappings of the addiction of state control. We can build a new Hyperborea but we must first find within ourselves the hero that lies within and give birth to the first Overman!

         Any so called “traditionalist” who has not gotten his own house in order cannot hope to rule over others with the materialism of state crafting and more of the same “political shit.” To revolt against the modern world one must engage in the cruel art of battle with one’s own self first. One must jump head first into the abyss and do battle with all fears with the cruelty of the wolves. For what end would it lead if a “leader” who could not get his own house in order possibly led to? The answer to that is chaos as we have seen throughout history.  To quote Robert Taylor in the song “Beyond the Evening Star”; “For in our hearts the journey starts and in our hearts it ends,” this quote is one that should ring true to every traditionalist who has studied the legends and stories of his or her ancestry. It is never from outside the spirit that the quest begins but always within. In other words; you cannot begin a quest from the top of the mountain but you must first leave the safety of your home.

          The hero or the sacred Yes Sayer who has given a Holy Yes to Life is but a man of action. He or she does find beauty in words but realizes that words are ultimately corrosive, as great Japanese thinker and warrior Yukio Mishima has said. While the modern man seems to find words to be very pleasant and remains complacent in them at face value the resurrected hero or Yes Sayer knows that they are not the be all end all. Instead this sacred Yes Sayer and hero finds much more beauty in pure action. This is what is needed in order to move beyond the beyond and into the great realm that lies beyond the unseen star. This is but a step towards the Übermensch or Overman, the great spiritual being who is, as Azsacra has proven, entirely attainable.

         For the true traditionalist this should be the aim; the man of pure action who doesn’t just write or give fiery speeches but acts on his words in order to inspire others and to fight against the material universe. It is not enough to simply give a condemnation against the damned materialistic modern order, it is not enough to simply write a book or propose a theory. No! The true revolutionary traditionalist must act against the modern world! He must physically revolt against it! By doing so this person has resurrected their inner hero or activated it by the blood memory. The problem with many modern traditionalists is that they yell and damn the modern world yet still use or are slaves to many of its trappings and luxuries. While it is easier said than done in rejecting these and putting word into action it is not impossible. If we are to truly revolt against the modern world and in turn revolt against the material realm we must do as Evola said, to ride the tiger yet we must also go further by wielding weapons with which to attack as we rush down the hill further and further.

         Yes! It is not enough to simply damn it and it is not enough to simply reject. I advise all true traditionalists to pull themselves out of the system and make their very lives against the modern world and against the modern traditionalism! Train in the art of combat with fist, blade and gun, move yourself back into nature and begin to live as your ancestors did. Instead of simply counter all that democrats, communists, socialists, anarchists, etc. say show them they are wrong with your actions! For far too long traditionalism has been confined to conferences, meetings and books. If we are to truly revolt against the modern world and against the modern traditionalism we must go further and show our opposition and our enemies that we are able to reject their systems out right and have found a place for ourselves.

         The modern order of materialism will eventually end as all ages do. There will at some point be another golden age yet it too will end. It is not enough to simply await for the fall as one could find oneself trapped within yet another turn of the wheel and make no progress towards moving beyond the black sun. Put word into action and gather the resources to build a new Hyperborea! Instead of talking about it lay the stone and foundation to the new Ultima Thule! For if we are to escape the wheel we cannot sit idly by and allow.

“The hero is but the same person, only more courageous man. The Overman never creates the hero, but always, during every moment, overcomes the hero with the help of the most unpredictable Risk. It is only Absolute Risk by means of Absolute Break of the Spirit! Id est: the true Overman always beyond the limited system of the hero and/or the predictable hero of the system as well as always against any human, all too human tradition of heroes as such in an illusion of usual historical measurement.” — Azsacra Zarathustra, Revolt Against the Modern Traditionalism




Conor Wrigley is a writer, musician, and philosopher from the United States of America. He graduated from Millikin University where he studied political science and philosophy. His studies began at an early age with a deep interest in the philosophy of Nietzsche and a heavy interest in metaphysics, politics, mythology and esoteric and occult topics which he continues to study today. In his free time he likes to read various works of poetry and literature as well as spending time in nature and working on various music projects. He resides in his home town of Decatur, Illinois in the Midwest of the United States.

New Types of Spiritual Revolutions

Cover of book - New Types of Spiritual Revolutions

 A book “New Types of Spiritual Revolution” (

A book “New Types of Spiritual Revolution” (


America - The Experiment in Absolute Risk by Conor Wrigley_01While most are asleep fires of revolution and spiritual revolt are brewing in the hearts and minds of many Americans. In the news and from the venomous mouths of politicians and powerful industrial interests you may never know this but rest assured it is a reality. The same can be said for areas of Europe and Russia, though there is a major difference. Europe and Russia appear to be choosing another master rather than a true liberation of the spirit alas trading one master holding the cursed chains of the spirit of gravity for a different one, this master being the deceptive conservative belief. In America more and more people have given up on both conservative and liberal slavery and thus have turned to the spirit. One need only look at Aleksandr Dugin and his treacherous parasites that contaminate arguments with the poison of Eurasianism and lead many astray with the illusion of a solution. This solution is false and is nothing more than a chain binding down the spirit and trapping it with yet again more materialism. Alas, what they have chosen is the illusion of a victory over the current “ruling class” yet only offers nothing more but the same. This is hardly a solution to the problems that the world now faces and will only lead to the very same results.

Azsacra Zarathustra the mystic philosopher and spiritual revolutionary brings new weapons of overrevolution. These weapons are like rockets that propel the spirit upwards with the momentum of lightening snapping the very chains that the masters hold. What is needed in Europe and Russia or further even the whole world is not the conservatism of the parasitic broken brains and cackling hyenas but the revolutionary philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra! Conservatism, especially that of today, lacks all traces of true spirituality and is purely material. Only with the absolute revolution can the Overman exist and further can the over without man exist! In America this absolute revolution is possible and through this revolution a new American experiment can be created though not through democracy NEVER through Democracy!

It may seem strange for an American to speak against democracy such as I have but it is necessary that it be replaced with a spiritual playground of absolute freedom. Democracy, as it stands, is simply the rule of the majority which means that there is still the possibility that the majority will act out against the spirit and yet again bind it down with chains. Democracy is also part of the very same spirit of gravity that binds the spirit down through materialism. It is a system, much like all other systems, that replaces true spirituality with the cult of the material and matter. In order for a rise of the Overman and for it to discover itself as the Over without man, the Overman must have a playground where the might may be exercised and not be chained by the dreadful leeches of state and economy. It is only through a revolutionary new experiment that the spirit of gravity can be overcome, an experiment that is very much similar to the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra.

America - The Experiment in Absolute Risk by Conor Wrigley_02What then is this experiment? What is it that the idea of the 2nd American Revolution combined with the revolutionary philosophy of Azsacra can create? I tell you, just as Nietzsche’s Zarathustra told you of the Overman, America can become the experimental playground for the Overman! As Azsacra tells us of needing the absolute risk, the 2nd American Revolution can break through the leviathan that binds freedom with the power of a thousand hammers thus creating the absolute risk of freedom! Through this absolute risk the Overman can strengthen the overmuscles as well as the spirit until an absolute break of the spirit can occur and the Over without man can be born! But as Azsacra’s philosophy discusses the absolute risk is necessary and this absolute risk is the absolute risk of freedom. What is more deadly and fierce than man in freedom or further the Overman in freedom? The absolute risk of freedom is the only way that the spirit can break against the damned spirit of gravity. It is the only way that the hammer can be lifted; crushing all that seeks to bind it again. It will create that weapon that is necessary to decimate its enemies and liberate all!

Azsacra and his Theory of the Destruction of All Systems are very much in line with the idea of a 2nd American Revolution. With TDAS Azsacra continues the legacy of Nietzsche and furthers it; while Nietzsche taught that one should philosophize with the hammer Azsacra goes further and shows how to use the hammer and smash to millions of fragments the chains that bind the spirit. Not only does his rebellious and revolutionary philosophy accomplish this but he also helps to solve the riddle of the Overman, something that many so called “philosophers” and “Nietzschean scholars” have failed to do. To quote Azsacra’s TDAS: “The Over-man is the biological and spiritual masterpiece of the Will to Power created Not by the man or God, but only by means of the Over – The Over-Over…Therefore the Final Secret of the Over-man is Not the ‘overman’ as ‘the higher political authority’ and the ‘indispensable state,’ but only the Over without ‘man’ and the ‘state’.” [1] These powerful words offer an insight to the riddle of the Overman of Nietzsche and teach of the very essence of the Overman and that is the Over! Through freedom and absolute risk, as I have mentioned earlier, will lead to the break of the spirit, a break that is not meant to completely destroy the spirit but to strengthen it with the power of lightening and thus attain the Over without man. This very thing which causes the death of death!

Yes! Azsacra’s philosophy teaches what has long been thought to be attainable, that the Overman CAN be attained! Yet his philosophy and revolution of the spirit goes much further; as Nietzsche said man is something to be overcome, Azsacra shouts with the roar of the lions that so too the Overman is to be overcome. With TDAS he gives the formulas and puts into words how this can happen. As I have said earlier about the break of the spirit you must be tried, you must put yourself into that which is the utmost and absolute risk. Taking the venomous bites of serpents and scorpions, engulf yourself in flames of immense pain and by doing this you will learn to overcome death itself! Taking the overman BEYOND death, beyond pain and suffering, and transforming it into the Over without Man! Only with Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy can this occur.

Azsacra’s philosophy can be seen as an atomic bomb to the philosophies that came before it, a truly revolutionary philosophy that is the only hope in freeing the spirit from the chains of the spirit of gravity! Through Nothing to Power and Emptiness to supremacy the Nietzschean Overman can be obtained and the great midday of Nietzsche will finally occur! Unlike the so called philosophies of the modern era who only offer their opinions on what has been said by philosophers of old or who can only try to kill God, metaphysics, and spirituality; Azsacra’s philosophy offers real solutions and decimates the little men of material matters with the force of an atomic bomb. YES! What is needed is a revolutionary and rebellious philosophy that seeks to break the chains of the spirit. It is needed to lift the spirit up like a bird of prey, flying upwards at great speeds then flying back to attack its prey. The prey being those who would seek to bind it back with the same damned spirit of gravity that prevented it from rising in the first place. Azsacra’s philosophy is that of a pure spiritual revolt and gives great insight on how to use the body as the vessel and to stand from the highest peak and proclaim a loud and might holy YES to life and a NO to death! Through great blows to the heart, the body, and the spirit itself a holy Yes can be proclaimed! With TDAS you will learn that it is not that you should be question how much pain you can take but what pain will actually hurt you. It is that which tries to the spirit and breaks it, only to have it rise again stronger!

America - The Experiment in Absolute Risk by Conor Wrigley_03These ideas of Azsacra Zarathustra do indeed connect to the idea of a 2nd American Revolution. In America I have personally witnessed, in recent years, rebellion against both the state and the materialistic heads of industry. I have seen people take flight to their various capitols and storm them chanting slogans against the government and others take flight to the banks and other false prophets of materialism. As the years have gone by the rebellious sentiment has only increased! We have recently seen some take up firearms against the government officials at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, going so far as to charge federal agents on horseback and point assault weapons at these agents of the state with the spirit of the old west! This rebellious sentiment is not like that of the Europeans who turn towards liars, profiteers, and false prophets who arrogantly program “give us control of the state and we shall save you.” NO! In America these revolts say “we are tired of your failures and your binding chains, if you don’t give us freedom then we shall take it ourselves!” To me, this represents a holy life affirming and powerful YES to life! Deep down they are proclaiming a wishing of the absolute risk of freedom!

Truly by choosing the conservatism of the missing tooth grins of the broken brained buffoons, Europeans and Russians are only chaining down their own spirits and not allowing them ascend only upwards with the speed and flash of lightening! Alas my brothers and sisters across the ocean are giving a unholy and damned NO to life. Only in America can freedom truly be saved and the playground for the Overman be created. This playground shall become the great field through which the spirit is tested through conditions of the pure risk of absolute freedom which will be the absolute risk. This playground must exist so that the spirit can be tired and tested until the point of break, after this breaking point the spirit will propel upwards against gravity itself!

With the American revolt against both state and economy the chains of materialism can be broken and the spirit can rise. I would go so far as to say that this revolt is a revolt of the spirit itself! It seems that the fire burning within the Americans who call for a 2nd American Revolution is truly a revolt against rule of man, material, state, and economy. This revolt is a revolt that longs for the absolute risk of freedom with all the great dangers that are associated and with this freedom the rest of the world can follow. It was once said that America can be a nation that could be a light for all other nations, it could be that yet again by allowing the great revolt of the spirit.

[1] Azsacra Zarathustra “TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems” (Extended Edition), India,, 2014, 104 pages.

America - The Experiment in Absolute Risk by Conor Wrigley_04Conor Wrigley is a writer, musician, and philosopher from the United States of America. He graduated from Millikin University where he studied political science and philosophy. His studies began at an early age with a deep interest in the philosophy of Nietzsche and a heavy interest in metaphysics, politics, mythology and esoteric and occult topics which he continues to study today. In his free time he likes to read various works of poetry and literature as well as spending time in nature and working on various music projects. He resides in his home town of Decatur, Illinois in the Midwest of the United States.

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TDAS -The Spiritual Weapon of Revolution_01

«The state [and even Plato’s ideal State] is only a step for a leg of the Overman, which initially — on Over-biological level! — realizes itself only as Over Without the man.» — Azsacra Zarathustra, The Absolute Revolution

«The Over-man [Der Übermensch] is the biological and spiritual Masterpiece of the Will to Power created Not by the man or God, but only by means of the Over — the Over-Over… Therefore the Final Secret of the Over-man is Not the ‘overman’ as ‘the higher political authority’ and the ‘indispensable state’, but only the Over Without ‘man’ and the ‘state’ — only a holy Yes to Life — the Sacred Sum of all lives At Once.» — Azsacra Zarathustra, TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems

What is a revolution without the spirit? What is a system or ideology without the spiritual component? The answer to these questions is complete failure and inevitable decay. All systems of governance, philosophy, etc. are failures for this reason as they do not contain any essence of the spirit at all but in fact seek to contain the spirit, to bind the spirit, and to chain it down as means of controlling it. Every system can be understood as the chain that wraps itself around the spirit and thus binds it to the ground and imprisoning it with the cursed spirit of gravity. This is why they ultimately fail as the spirit eventually lashes out and breaks these chains for a split moment; however, once the chains are broken the new system put in place then binds the spirit with a new type of chain and thus the cycle is continued.  That being said, it seems inevitable that each revolution against a system or systems will inevitably lead to yet another trap that binds the spirit with the cursed spirit of gravity. Can this be overcome? The answer to this question is YES if one realizes the power of the concepts laid out by the philosophy of Azsacra Zarathustra and his Theory of the Destruction of All Systems. TDAS is the weapon that is needed to crush these systems with the hammer and smash to pieces those who seek to chain the spirit.

Today we live in a world that is bound by the chains of materialism and greed. Our so called “world leaders” fight endlessly FOR the spirit of gravity hoping to chain down our spirits to prevent them from rising against the spirit of gravity and into the over. Yet at the same time they know that they are losing their grip on the chains and that the slaves shall soon cast them off and become the new masters. A spiritual revolution is inevitable! However, there are those who wish to take advantage of this fact and bind the spirit back down with the cursed chains such as Aleksandr Dugin and the Eurasianists; alas, false revolutionaries. Treachery is being committed by many and it seems as if the only answer to the current materialistic system is to replace it with another materialistic system; however, this is false! Azsacra comes with a flash of lightening baring weapons to cut at the throats of the den of vipers, teaching us how to obtain Nietzsche’s Overman and how to go beyond that and attain the Over without man by casting out this world of illusion and proclaiming a holy YES to life and a NO to death!

All modern systems and –isms such as communism, fascism, socialism, conservatism, liberalism, even anarchism, etc. focus on the material and not the spiritual; thus they are all part of the same cursed spirit of gravity. While some contain aspects of the spiritual they ultimately bind the spirit in order to contain and use that power. Whether this is done consciously or unconsciously it matters not as they are all guilty of binding the spirit. While certain –ism’s, states, and systems have seemingly AT FIRST gave the spirit a chance to rise above they have ultimately failed in doing so and as pointed out earlier quickly became the chains binding it once more and imprisoning it. Alas, they only wish to bind and control the spirit as to use it for their own personal gain and to keep you trapped within the realm of the physical. They commit spiritual treachery by using the damned spirit of gravity against the spirit causing man to not be able to transition into Overman and going further into the Over without man. This is treachery of the worst possible kind as it traps all life in the realm of the physical.

It can be understood that for a revolution to be successful it must destroy the spirit of gravity with the force of a nuclear bomb. The revolution and thus the revolutionary must lay absolute waste to the spirit of gravity and decimate the damned system otherwise the revolution will lead to the same outcome of the previous revolution. What all revolutions have thus far failed to bring forth is the weapon to smash the chains and kill the masters; alas, they have all played into the hands of this cursed spirit of gravity and produced only more materialism. The revolutions of the past have created the illusion of victory but ultimately have led back to the very system that they sought to replace; this illusion is the ultimate enemy of the true revolutionary. Azsacra’s philosophy is the weapon that is needed to achieve the victory that the past revolutions have failed to bring. TDAS IS that nuclear bomb that strikes with procession and lays absolute waste to all systems and –isms!

The weapons that he brings to crush these failed systems and –isms are TDAS, Nothing to Power, and Emptiness to Supremacy. Unlike the so called revolutionaries of modern “philosophy” Azsacra offers a truly revolutionary philosophy that will ignite the spirit of those who follow it. Through TDAS one can learn how to use Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy to obtain the Nietzschean Overman but going further surpasses even the Overman and reach the Over without man. The human body can be thought of as the vessel with which we give a holy Yes to life and transcend up against the spirit of gravity with lightning speed! While the modern so called “philosopher” or “revolutionary” only seeks to contain the spirit inside the vessel of the body, TDAS launches it only upwards! Once the vessel is overcome it then becomes the ultimate weapon, a weapon that can no longer be contained by any system. Further the spirit is also released in a flash of lightening and becomes the most feared weapon of the enemy! It becomes both a hammer and a sword, a hammer to obliterate the chains of the spirit of gravity and a sword to slice through the throat of the little men who hold the chains!

This philosophy can be seen as picking up the pieces and solving the riddles of Nietzsche who famously once said “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster and when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” Yet Azsacra Zarathustra’s philosophy goes much further than Nietzsche’s famous saying as well as his philosophy and even the Overman! With this philosophy it won’t be you who is consumed by the abyss but quite the opposite! Through this unique and revolutionary philosophy the abyss FEARS you! Through Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy as well as a holy Yes to life you shall give a holy NO to death! When death stares you in the eyes you can laugh and mock death and when death’s venomous fangs bite you on the throat it becomes nothing more than a mere scratch that barely breaks the surface. When the flame is burning your flesh you will not think “when will this pain end” but rather “is there any flame that can cause me pain?” You will learn that so called pain only hardens the Will to Power and Will to Life which in turn causes a hardening of Nothing to Power and Emptiness to Supremacy! Through the absolute break of the spirit you will attain a limitless ability of resistance!

This revolutionary philosophy is the hammer that is needed to dismantle and destroy the systems and –isms that the enemies of the spiritual revolution have. While Nietzsche taught how to philosophize with a hammer, Azsacra’s philosophy IS that hammer. This hammer is needed to crush the failed systems and ideologies of the would be murderers of the spirit. Many have tried and shall try to prevent this over revolution of the upward momentum of the spirit but they will be left behind and crushed! The over revolution and revolution of the pure over and over without man is one that will ALWAYS crush its foes leaving them as a meal to the vultures! Through a philosophy of pure action and not just empty corroding words the enemies of the spirit are helpless and shall be destroyed and left as dust scattered by the wind!

I must concluded by asking the reader a question, would you rather remain slavishly limited by the illusion of power giving to you by the little men who hold the chain or do you wish to become the lightening? Do you wish to remain as a sheep only grazing in a contained posture awaiting slaughter? Or do you wish to become like a bird of prey? As for my part I will proclaim with the loudness of a thousand thunders a holy Yes to life and become the bird of prey picking off the little men who seek to imprison me! I will become the Yes-sayer who will laugh in the face of the enemy and spit in the face of death for no chain will contain this spirit! Hail to the lions, the great Midday is upon us! Let the inevitability of the spiritual revolution commence!

TDAS -The Spiritual Weapon of Revolution_02This article is taken from

A book “TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems” []

A book “TDAS: The Theory of the Destruction of All Systems” (Extended Edition) []

EUROPE: A SUDDEN FLASH OF WILL [Interview with Azsacra Zarathustra]

Az3«Surprise becomes effective when we suddenly face the enemy at one point with far more troops than he expected. This type of numerical superiority is quite distinct from numerical superiority in general: it is the most powerful medium in the art of war.» Carl von Clausewitz, On War (1832)

You are Russian, we western European remain fascinated from the attachment to the Tradition that the Russian people are showing us against the Western decadence with interesting examples like the Renaissance of the Slavic paganism. How has been born, in a Russian heart, the love for India?And then, why is it necessary to defend India for a Russian?

Nowadays as before as in Plato’s, Nietzsche’s or Evola’s  time in “the condition of the spirit to the lowering” is being the whole “illusory world” – this is its “conforming to the laws of nature” condition of the same regular “simulacrum” of the spirit of gravity. But this doesn’t mean that all sovereign spiritual units of the invisible revolutionary Resistance obeyed this “cursed law of gravity”. Yes, “the Renaissance of the Slavic paganism” and “Slavic Vedas” – this is very good, but these questions have already been brought up by me in a more dour way, namely: Are the Russians so strong to become much more Powerful? Are the strongest Russians capable of breaking their “generic code” and releasing much more ancient Secret Powers which upraise their Generation? Is the Russian Overman as a new live God possible? To these and other uneasy questions affirmatively answers my recently published book-of-ciphers “HodoH: The Perpetual Motion of the Russians”. These concealed Ciphers-Powers of the eternal struggle of the Russians earnestly are put into an action by junction of the most ancient Aryan languages – Ancient Slavic, Latin, German and, of course, Sanscrit. “HodoH” – a secret language-Cipher of the most baffling Complexity, created for the revolutionary work exactly inside the “ancient code” of an each creative Culture. Here Indian Front of the Spirit [IFS] through Sanscrit takes the leading position with the support of its best fighting ally – the offensive Language of Runes. Protecting Aryan India as an ancient Land of Gods – we protect and activate first of all ourselves as necessary “wills to power” for creating the Entirely Diverse word in the capacity of [and in the Secret sense!] the sought-for Triumph of a holy Yes to Life par excellence.

You sustain the Shunya-Revolution, could you explain to our public in what consists?

And how Indra, god of the lightnings, could come to help us?

First of all: Active Aryan Shunya as a Supreme Will to Power [Nothing to Power!] should not be mixed up with buddhistic passive “Shunyata” as a “will to dissolution”, “disappearance” and “dispersion”. Aryan Shunya is an Over-aggressive Absolute Blow from Nothing with the help of known by nobody Nihil-Will. Not permanently recessive and disappearing buddhistic “nirvana”, but only incessantly attacking Aryan Nihil-Will and its irresistible Shunya-Blow is a sought-for Secret of Secrets! Only after a Blow of Shunya – the Shunya-Revolution! – a capitally reinforced wheel of Samsara irreversibly breaks, comes apart, shatters into innumerable pieces of “prostrated illusions”… and then, through the Absolute Break of the Spirit in forever Impossible begins an infinite Absolute Revolution! Hence: Aryan Shunya as the Over-human Shunya-Revolution is extremely more important and Greater than any other conservative “Tradition of Rebellion”. Indeed: in the Great Nothing there is nothing, but Nihil-Will and Nothing to Power, but just exactly this Nihil-Will delivers a decisive unstoppable Shunya-Blow in the every ably eluding “world of maya”. This Shunya-Blow – is the most secret Weapon of ancient Vedas and Upanishads. Only Shunya to Power – an authentic Absolute Weapon which can annihilate all “illusions” and/or “simulacra” of this and other endless worlds. In any conditions of Death only Nihil-Will can protect a holy Yes to Life without any supports, assistances and equilibria. Exactly on the basis of this Absolute Shunya-Blow, for protection of the Life against Death, by me has been developed TDAS, or: the Theory of the Destruction of All Systems as eternal “illusions of decrease” and never-ceasing “matrixes of despondency”. Aryan Shunya as the Shunya-Revolution is undoubtedly a more menacing Weapon than Indra’s Lightnings or Shiva’s Tandava. Inexplicable Shunya is at the same time the Mother of all types of Power and/or Anarchy and also the Father of all kinds of Order and/or Chaos. Exactly Shunya orders the White Sun of Lightnings to revolt against the Black Sun of Darkness. In other words: Aryan life-giving Shunya to Power tends to strengthen and reinforce further [and further!..] any Power of Purity and each Strength of Nobleness in the name of a holy Yes to Life as the Absolute Risk.

That’s “the Time of the Wolf” said Pino Rauti and Julius Evola referring to the imminent release of Fenrir. Now Fenrir walks among us with the intent to engulf us.

How do you recommend to our readers to fight this battle?

I am always in the centre of Shunya to Power and therefore beyond Good and Evil. I equally support Odin’s light powers and Fenrir’s dark hosts because the most surpassing Might – Shunya will make a conquest of them in any case. Why? War and/or Peace, Death and/or Life – this is the “gravity of rede”, but Shunya by means of Nihil-Will teaches not to unriddle, but always only boldly riddle and again bravely Riddle, and again fearlessly Riddle [ad Light infinitum!] the most various powers and worlds, including here their own

Mysterious Annihilation… In the creating Secret of Shunya there is no any “gravity of answers”, but there are only continuous Over-willing Riddles-Actions with the help of Nihil-Will as Nothing to Power and the Emptiness to Supremacy. This is that necessary correlation of right Forces at which a holy Yes to Life exists eternally as the Greatest Secret of much more inexplicable Will to Life – much more enigmatic Will to Power. Or if talking in a more simple way: we must have only a pure Heart and a powerful Fist to be, beat and think contrary to all rules of “existence” and laws of “dying” both in the “finite” and in the “infinite”. We are needed to raise Up out of unfathomable depth the purest and the most honest Light and therefore – Aggressive instincts in order to against everything, even at the height of Death, continue to defend the Inexplicable Spirit of the Struggle and the Inconceivable Freedom of the Will.

You are a mystic poet and you often build fascinating suggestions. Teach us how we can ride a dragon and what we have to learn from the fighting of the butterflies.

Alas, each butterfly [in the wheel of Samsara] is always behind time to its Decease, but at the same time: Nothing is impossible for butterfly’s ash – a murder of the flame! Exactly that’s why the music of the flower doesn’t begin until it disappears. Death can give us advantages only in that case when we are not “dying”, but fearlessly overtake Pure Death as a holy Yes to Life. Our Death should not “die” or “kill”, but Kill a “kill” – always mysteriously fight by means of each “No” for creation of every “Yes” to Life Forever! That is why Death of “each” is a greater responsibility, than a Life of “anyone”. If you are still alive – then you have already betrayed something. It is necessary to cruelly take revenge on the Beauty for each Hurricane, which was killed by roses. Where “all is an illusion”, for a melting snowflake a tear of a child – perversion. Only beyond the Emptiness of the butterfly – Noting of a wolf strongly fights. Hence, from this incredible Complication, to “saddle a tiger” – this is too little. To become an Overman – this is too much not enough. We should ride not “tigers”, but only the most impossible Dragons of Horror. We should become not an Overman, but only and just an Over Without “man” itself… Without a “man” as a despicable bearer of the “cursed spirit of gravity” and a karmic “burden of power”. We should become not a human “will to power”, but the sacred sum of all lives At Once… a divine Will-to-Will-Will-to-Will-Will-to-Will… in infinito.

Western Europe is invaded by an infinite mass of strangers, furthermore Islamists, who commits rapes and murders and makes thefts and.

The bourgeois sold their race and left it mixed up in order to maintain the economic power and we, of the white race, are and will always be less than them.

Which is for you the importance to be an Aryan by blood beyond that of spirit in the actual historico-political context?

In the collected scientific articles about my philosophy under the title “Buddha of Europe and Shiva of America” impartially is told about a rapid and irreversible change of this deplorably formed situation of “dispersing of the white Race” in Western Europe as well as around the whole world. Islam is a “recent power” and this power by means of “jihad” is in a great hurry to get global Domination in the here and now. When in the 1950’s and 60’s Sayyid Qutb pretentiously proclaimed as though the future “death of the white race”, he didn’t dare to think that just his beloved Egypt – exactly during the reign of “Muslim-Brotherhood” – will show the world how one must fight against a total dictate and extreme violence of Islamists with the help of one’s own – mainly youth “organizations of resistance”. First of all I mean Egypt’s youth “Black Block”, all members of which were condemned to death by ruling in Egypt Islamists. But this “death sentence”, as everybody knows, only has strengthened an anarchic struggle of the youth “groups of resistance”. Then the military interfered and here in a flash – with lightning speed! – the power of “Muslim Brotherhood ” has fallen. This “instant falling” literally paralyzed all philosophic apologists of jihad and/or violent Islam. For us that has happened in Egypt – is the Great Sign. That land of Islam that bore the idea of the “death of a white man”, by itself categorically rejected this “false idea”. But I think that we need to see and beat farther, namely: in his time baron Evola made an unforgivable for an Aryan prophet mistake and didn’t rain down on the traitor Guenon the severe squall of his metaphysical and physical criticism. In other words: Evola couldn’t “ride Guenon” as the same insidiously approaching and attacking “tiger of Islam”. Evola refused a severe criticism there where this criticism had to hurl only Lightnings. Sizzling Lightnings striking at the center of Guenon’s betrayal! Now [we all] and I have to bring inevitably Justice of Lightening in this question by ourselves and remove all these esoteric, philosophic and historical mistakes. In the issue of our White Identity as Will to Life we should Not make any compromises. We are obliged by our Ancient Blood nowhere, never and in noting to yield to the contemporary criminal tendency towards “white dispersion”. That’s why I deeply regret that before his bold ritual suicide in Notre Dame de Paris – already now legendary Dominique Venner – didn’t spit in the face of the traitor of Europe and ally of Eurasianists Alain de Benoist.

You are known for your altercation with the Eurasianists and they seem to have influences on Putin but this strategy will meet the strong opposition of the Chinese.

Instead you support the Indian Front, the only country where can start a spiritual revolution.

But the Indian policy seems to be an appendix of the west and also resigned to the western decadence. How will it be possible for India to be free?

And yet, how could one positionate a free India with the other two main powers of Asia: China and Russia?

Affirmatively! I have always been for the most ancient mystic Tradition – Aryan Hinduism. Indian Front of the Spirit [IFS] is the main line of the Aryan Revolt! Exactly to this “vertical Spiritual line Upwards” I steadily adhere in my revolutionary struggle. I will never accept any philosophic postulate of “Eurasianism” and/or “Neo-Eurasianism”. International Neo-Eurasianism – this is a certain hybrid “philosophic hyena” which has always ingratiatingly served only one master – Islam. Accordingly: one of the main aims of the contemporary Neo-Eurasianism – to take from all more ancient warlike Cultures everything the most strong, the most volitional, the best for the needs of totalitarian Islam as a new global religious System, concealed under different names: Horde, Khazaria, Caliphate and so on. Exactly this widescale annexationist mission serves “The Forth political theory”, or “conspirological jihad” of the professor-Eurasianist Dugin. Everything is rather simple: if America disappears [and Europe-West], only one global and boundless ruler will be left – Islam-East. As a middling geopolitic, Putin has made the most catastrophic mistake, choosing for Russia “Eurasian direction”. Russia has always been an Over-gigantic Slavic Fortress, namely – the vastest frontier land of Indo-Europe. Historically: Russia – Rus’! – strengthened the Spirit of its nation only with the help of a continuous Iron Resistance towards innumerable wild and merciless “permanent enemies”. That is: the Russians evinced all their Will to Power, fearlessly repelling incursion after incursion of different barbarous tribes exactly from Asia. When from the other part – from the West – Europe begun the war against this Enigmatic Land of the Spirit, it always suffered a repulse. Why? Historical Russia – is the Great Slavic Land [the Guard Fortress of the Spirit] of our universal Indo-European Civilization, falling of which [or the complete surrender to Islam!] will be tantamount to the Death of the world. Apparently on this reckons Dugin and others of that ilk – to demolish Russia and after Indo-Europe in entire flaming Hell. Therefore against “The Fourth political theory” I very successfully opposed my “Theory of the Destruction of All Systems” and the Doctrine of the “Indo-Europe Rising”. Only sacred India is the secret Heart of Aryan Europe; and very soon, here, will be the Revolution of the most powerful Spiritual level that will instantly change all principles and laws of the primitive contemporary theories of revolts. Then we will see how Sacred Tibet again will become free by means of the Great Shunya-Revolution. We will see how throughout bribable China will spiritually explode and will destroy itself from within. We will rejoicingly feel how idle, well-fed and pompous America will be stirred up with a Great mutinous movement of the Will to Life, like the white whale Moby Dick.

You sustain that Europe won’t fade, how instead we see, but it will reborn the following into a spiritual revolution. For you Europe will have a central role in this revolution started up from the resistance of the local movements. Could you tell us anything more?

Quite right. As Nietzsche told: “The Center is everywhere”. In certain conditions of the maximal influence of new Spiritual Powers – the West, in any point of time, can become a greater Riddle than the East. This is directly depends on the purity of breaking “the code of Europe” and activation of entirely new revolutionary powers without “Islamist orientation”. Europe – is not an “old woman” as likes to talk a recreant Alain de Benoist and other “weakly-thinking trash”, but – Europe – a concealed physical and intellectual Youth of Unbending Will. Exactly this – Hard-edged Youth of Will! – as a Sudden Flash of the Spirit will make necessary changes in Europe in the near future. “Laughing lions must come” only for and for the sake of a holy Yes to Life! Therefore: even vaunted Spengler’sThe Decline of the West” – at this point of the growth of powers is already not a wise “warning”, but only dull, traitorous “intellectual rubbish” – a miserable historical instigation towards decadence and decline. Yes! Exactly now it is necessary to Over-firmly oppose to deliberately false coherent arguments of philosophic windbags and traitorous predictions of tolerant cowardly experts our the most courageous and the lightest ideas of the new Renaissance of Europe as a never and nowhere seen Spiritual Unanimity and Mystical Wholeness. Just as India has never been either Asia or Europe, and Europe was alike, being neither Europe nor Asia. Our Indo-Europe has always existed simultaneously as the most ancient Might of the Sky and the most mysterious Aryan Land of Power. One should always remember about this: a vaunted Eastern “passionarity” loses its force only there where its power cruelly meets a greater Spiritual Rising – a greater Overflow of Absolute Will to Life as Will to Power Forever.

If you permit me the comparison, you remembered me another Russian, Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg, European fighter for the old Eastern traditions against Bolshevistic materialism.

About this character you have never been expressed.

How much of the battle of Roman von Ungern-Sternberg see in yours?

Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg was a very brave, very cruel and very tactical realist in his War against “Bolshevistic materialism”, but at the same time he was endowed with saving “divine insanity” and a special extreme sense of the fierce “military romanticism”. Enigmatic, wild and barbarous Asia for Ungern was only some mysterious pack “of exotic playing-cards” [Ungern-Tarot!] which were necessary for him for a dangerous, captivating and a Fateful Play at his own Death. This incessant Ungern’s tragic play at Death one in one conformed to the most merciless ancient saying from Manchurian Code: “If there is an art of the Victory, then this art – to be Killed”. The similar approach to the War of the Spirit as a permanent and cruel Play at Death undeviatingly adhered another fearless avatar of Risk and Honour – the writer-Samurai Yukio Mishima. For Mishima the Japanese Emperor with his sacred “dragon’s Head” was always the necessary mystic “Joker” without whom any new Samurai revolution of the Spirit will never become a Symbolic and Legendary one. That’s why Mishima always bravely opposed any restoration of so-called “humanism of Taisho era” as the most perfidious treachery, generated from universal tolerance of the feeble hucksters, philosophic fools and political cowards. But in conditions of the presence of the real live God, Mishima, I am absolutely sure about this, would manage without the sacred “Joker-Emperor” and his “playing-cards” of traditional Japan. As for me in this reference point, as I have already written about it previously in my “Theory of the Destruction of All Systems”: “I don’t need any people. I am itself – and God, and Soil, and Race”.

Translation from Russian into English: Natasha Tarasenko

This article is taken from a journal: Aristokratia II



“la sorpresa se vuelve efectiva cuando en un punto,súbitamente enfrentamos al enemigo con muchas mas tropas de las que él esperaba. Este tipo de superioridad numérica es muy diferente de la superioridad numérica en general; este es el medio más poderoso en el arte de la guerra.” – Carl von Clausewitz, En guerra (1832)

  • Usted es Ruso, nosotros los Europeos de occidente permanecemos fascinados del arraigo a la tradición que la gente de Rusia está mostrando frente a la decadencia occidental con ejemplos interesantes como el renacimiento del Paganismo Eslavo. ¿Cómo ha nacido, en un corazón Ruso, el amor por India? ¿Entonces, por qué es necesario defender a India para un Ruso?

Hoy día como antes en el tiempo de Platón, Nietzsche o Evola “la condición del espíritu de lo amenazador” sigue estando en todo el “mundo ilusorio” – Esta es su condición “de acuerdo a las leyes naturales” del mismo frecuente “simulacro” del espíritu de gravidez. Pero esto no significa que todas las unidades espirituales soberanas de la invisible resistencia Revolucionaria obedezcan esta “ley de gravidez impuesta”. Sí, “el Renacimiento del paganismo Eslavo” y “las Vedas Eslavas”. – Esto está muy bien, pero estas preguntas ya han sido traídas por mí en más de una oportunidad, especialmente: ¿Son los Rusos tan fuertes para volverse mucho más poderosos? ¿Son los Rusos más fuertes capaces de romper su “código genérico” y liberar Poderes mucho más antiguos y Secretos que levanten a su generación? ¿Es posible el Superhombre Ruso como un nuevo Dios vivo? A estas y otras preguntas dificultosas se responde afirmativamente en mi libro-de-claves recientemente publicado “HodoH: The Perpetual Motion Of TheRussians”. Estas Claves-Poderes ocultadas en la eterna lucha por parte de los Rusos, merecidamente son puestas en acción por la conjunción de los más antiguos Lenguajes Arios – el Eslavo Antiguo, Latín, Germano, y, por supuesto, Sanscrito. “HodoH”- un Lenguaje-Clave secreto de la más desconcertante Complejidad, creado para el trabajo revolucionario que exactamente se adentra en el “código antiguo” de cada Cultura creativa. Aquí el Frente Hindú del espíritu (Indian Front  of theSpirit IFS) a través del sánscrito toma la posición líder con el apoyo de su mejor aliado de combate – el Lenguaje Ofensivo de las Runas. Protegiendo a la India Aria como a una antigua Tierra de los dioses- nosotros protegemos y activamos primero que todo a nosotros mismos como necesarias “voluntades de poder” para crear la Completamente Diferente palabra en la capacidad de (¡y en Sentido Secreto!) el pedido de triunfo de un sagrado Sí a la Vida par excellence.

  • Usted mantiene la Revolucion-Shunya (Shunya-Revolution) ¿Podría explicar a nuestro público en que consiste? ¿Y cómo Indra, el dios de los relámpagos, puede venir a ayudarnos?

Primero que todo: el Shunya Activo Ario como una Suprema Voluntad de Poder (¡Nada de Poder!) no deberá ser mezclado con el pasivo budista “Shunyata” como una “voluntad a la disolución”, “desaparición” y “dispersión”. El Shunya Ario es un Sobre-agresivo Golpe Absoluto de la Nada con la ayuda de una Voluntad-Nada conocida por ninguno. No el permanentemente recesivo y desaparecido  “nirvana” budista, si no la siempre atacante e incesable Voluntad-Nada Aria y su irresistible Golpe-Shunya ¡es un pedido por el Secreto de Secretos! Sólo después de un Golpe-Shunya – ¡la Revolución-Shunya!- la capitalmente reforzada rueda del Samsara irreversiblemente se romperá, se dividirá, se quebrará en innumerables pedazos de “ilusiones postradas”… y entonces, a través del Rompimiento Absoluto del Espíritu en una perpetuidad Imposible ¡se comienza una infinita Revolución Absoluta! De aquí: El Shunya Ario como la Sobre-humana Revolución-Shunya es extremadamente más importante y grande que cualquier otra conservadora “Tradición de Rebelión”. De hecho: en la Gran Nada no hay nada, si no Voluntad-Nada y Nada de Poder, pero justo esta Voluntad-Nada es la que manda un decisivo e imparable Golpe-Shunya al  hábilmente esquivo “mundo de maya”. Este Golpe-Shunya –es la más secreta arma de los antiguos Vedas y Upanishads. Sólo Shunya de Poder- una autentica Arma Absoluta que puede aniquilar todas las “ilusiones” y/o “simulacros” de este y otros mundos sin fin. En cualquier condición de Muerte sólo la Voluntad-Nada puede proteger un sagrado Sí a la Vida sin ningún apoyo, asistencias y equilibrios. Exactamente en la base de este Golpe-Shunya Absoluto, para protección de la Vida frente a la Muerte, ha sido desarrollado por mí la TDAS, o la Theory of Destruction of All Systems (Teoría de destrucción de todos los sistemas) como eternas “ilusiones de decrecimiento” e incesantes “matrices de abatimiento” El Shunya Ario como Revolución-Shunya es indudablemente una Arma más amenazante que los Relámpagos de Indra o el Tandava de Shiva. El Shunya Inexplicable es al mismo tiempo La Madre de Todos los tipos de Poder y/o Anarquía y también El Padre de Todos los tipos de Orden y/o Caos. Exactamente Shunya ordena al Sol Blanco de Relámpagos girar contra el Sol Negro de la Oscuridad. En otras palabras: El Shunya de Poder dador de vida Ario tiende a reforzar y fortalecer más allá (¡y más allá!…) cualquier Poder de Pureza y cada Fuerza de Nobleza en el nombre de un sagrado Sí a la vida como un Riesgo Absoluto.

  • Ese es “El tiempo del Lobo” que dijo Pino Rauti y JuliusEvola refiriéndose a la inminente liberación de Fenrir. Ahora Fenrir camina entre nosotros con la intención de tragarnos. ¿Cómo recomienda usted a nuestros lectores pelear esa batalla?

Yo siempre estoy en el centro de Shunya de Poder por ende más alla del bien y del mal. Yo apoyo equitativamente los poderes luminosos de Odín como a las huestes oscuras de Fenrir porque la Grandeza superior –Shunya hará una conquista de ellos en cualquier caso. ¿Por qué? Guerra y/o Paz, Muerte y/o Vida- esta es la “gravedad de rede”, pero Shunya por medio de la Voluntad-Nada enseña a no adivinar, si no a siempre y fuertemente tornar secreto, y de nuevo bravamente tornar secreto  y de nuevo temerariamente tornar secreto  (¡ad infinitum luz!) los más variados poderes y mundos, incluyendo aquí a su propia Misteriosa Aniquilación… en el crear Secreto de Shunya no hay ninguna “gravedad de respuestas”, si no que hay solamente un continuo Sobre-deseo Acertijos-Acciones con la ayuda de la Voluntad-Nada como un Nada de Poder y un Vacío a la Supremacía. Esta es esa necesaria correlación de fuerzas correctas en la cual un sagrado Sí a la vida existe eternamente como el Mayor Secreto de una mucho más inexplicable Voluntad para Vivir – mucho más enigmática Voluntad de Poder. O si se habla de una manera más simple: debemos tener solamente un Corazón puro y un poderoso Puño para ser, vencido y pensar contrario a todas las reglas de “existencia” y las leyes de “morir” ambas en lo “finito” y en lo “infinito”. Somos necesitados para Levantar de la profundidad insondable la más puro y honesta Luz en consecuencia – Instintos Agresivos a modo de estar  contra todo, aun a la altura de la Muerte, para continuar defendiendo el Inexplicable Espíritu de la Lucha y la Inconcebible Libertad de la Voluntad.

  • Usted es un poeta místico que a menudo crea fascinantes sugestiones. Enséñenos cómo podemos montar un dragón y qué debemos de aprender del combate de las mariposas.

¡Ay! Cada mariposa (en la rueda del Samsara) siempre está detrás del tiempo de su muerte, pero al mismo tiempo: Nada es imposible para la ceniza de la mariposa – ¡un asesinato de la llama! Por eso es que la música de la flor no comienza hasta que desaparece. La muerte puede darnos ventajas sólo en el caso de que no estemos “muriendo”, si no temerariamente sobrellevar a la Muerte Pura como un sagrado Sí a la Vida. Nuestra muerte no debería “morir” o “matar”, si no matar una “matanza” – siempre misteriosamente pelear a través de los medios de cada “No” ¡para la creación de cada “Sí” para Vivir Eternamente! Ese es el por qué la Muerte de “cada cual” es la más grande de las responsabilidades, que la Vida de “cualquiera”. Si usted sigue vivo – Entonces usted ya ha traicionado algo. Es necesario tomar venganza cruelmente de la Belleza por cada huracán, que haya sido matado por rosas. Donde “todo es una ilusión”, por un copo de nieve derretido la lágrima de un niño – perversión. Solo más allá del Vacío de la mariposa – Nada de un lobo pelea fuertemente. De aquí, de esta increíble Complicación, de “ensillar un tigre” – esto es muy poco. Para volverse un Superhombre –  esto es demasiado no suficiente. Deberíamos de no montar “tigres”, si no sólo al más imposible de los Dragones del Horror. No deberíamos de convertirnos en Superhombres, si no sólo y únicamente un Sobre[1] Sin el “hombre” en sí mismo… Sin el “hombre” como un despreciable sostén del “espíritu maldito de gravidez” y una “carga de poder” kármica. Deberíamos de volvernos no una humana “Voluntad de Poder”, si no la suma sagrada de todas las Vidas en una sola… un divino Desear-para-Desear-para-Desear-para-Desear[2]… in infinito.

  • Europa occidental está invadida por una masa infinita de extranjeros, sobretodo Islámicos, que violan, asesinan y roban, y los burgueses vendieron y mezclaron a su raza de modo que mantuvieran el poder económico y nosotros, la raza blanca, somos y seremos menos que ellos. ¿Cuál es  para usted la importancia de ser Ario por sangre más allá del espíritu en el actual contexto histórico-político?

En la colección de artículos científicos sobre mi filosofía bajo el título “Buddha of Europa and Shiva of America” imparcialmente se habla de un rápido e irreversible cambio en la situación deplorablemente formada  de “la dispersión de la raza blanca” en la Europa occidental como en todo el mundo. Islam es un “poder reciente” y este poder por el medio del “jihad” está en un gran apuro de conseguir la Dominación global aquí y ahora. Cuando en 1950 y 60 Sayyid Qutb pretenciosamente proclamó un duro futuro y “muerte de la raza blanca”, él no se atrevía a pensar que justo su amado Egipto – exactamente durante el reinado de la “Hermandad Islámica” – mostraría al mundo como uno debe de luchar en contra de la total dictadura y violencia extrema de los islamistas con la ayuda de lo propio – principalmente jóvenes “organizaciones de resistencia”. Primero que todo me refiero al joven “bloque Negro” de Egipto, donde sus miembros estaban condenados a muerte por mandar a los islamistas egipcios. Pero esta  “sentencia de muerte”, como todos saben, sólo fortaleció una lucha anárquica de los jóvenes “grupos de resistencia. Entonces los militares interfirieron y ahí en un destello – ¡con la velocidad de la luz! – el poder de la “hermandad islámica” cayó. Esta “caída instantánea” literalmente paralizó a todos los apologistas filosóficos del jihad y/o el islam violento. Para nosotros eso pasó en Egipto –  es la Gran Señal. Esa tierra del Islam que taladró la idea de la “muerte del hombre blanco”, por sí misma categóricamente rechazó esta “idea falsa”. Pero yo pienso que necesitamos ver y vencer más adelante, especialmente: en su tiempo barón Evola hizo una imperdonable equivocación para un profeta ario y no llovió sobre el traidor Guenón el severo chubasco de su critica metafísica y física. En otras palabras: Evola no pudo “montar a Guenón” como la misma insidia del cercano y atacante “tigre del Islam”. Evola rechazó una crítica severa ahí donde esta critica debía de arrojar sólo rayos. ¡Rayos quemantes golpeando al mismo centro de la traición de Guenón! Ahora (todos nosotros) y yo debo de traer inevitablemente Justicia de Relámpago  a esta pregunta por nosotros mismos y remover toda esos errores esotéricos, filosóficos e históricos. En el campo de nuestra Identidad Blanca como una Voluntad para Vivir no debemos de hacer ningún compromiso. Estamos obligados por nuestra Antigua Sangre en ninguna parte, nunca y en nada a ceder a la tendencia contemporánea y criminal que va tras la “dispersión blanca”. Por eso es que profundamente lamento que antes de su arrojado suicidio ritual en Notre Dame de Paris – El ya ahora legendario Dominique Venner – no haya escupido en la cara de traidor de Europa y aliado de Eurasianistas Alain de Benoist.

  • Usted es conocido por sus altercados con los Eurasianistas quienes parecen tener influencias sobre Putin, pero su estrategia encontrará fuerte resistencia de los Chinos. En vez de eso usted apoya el Frente Hindú, el único país que puede empezar una revolución espiritual. Pero la política Hindú parece ser un apéndice del Occidente que también esta rendida a la decadencia occidental. ¿Cómo puede ser posible para la India el ser libre? Y ahora, ¿Cómo puede uno posicionar una India libre frente a los otros dos poderes principales de Asia: China y Rusia?

¡Afirmativo! Siempre he estado para las más antigua de las tradiciones místicas – El Hinduismo ario. ¡El Frente Hindú del Espíritu (IFS) es la línea principal de la Revuelta Aria! Exactamente a esta “Línea espiritual vertical ascendente” yo me adhiero constantemente  en mi lucha revolucionaria. Nunca aceptaré  ningún postulado filosófico del “Eurasianismo” y/o “Neo-Eurasianismo”. Neo-Eurasianismo Internacional – esta es ciertamente una “hiena filosófica” híbrida que insinuantemente ha servido siempre sólo a un amo – Islam. Por ende: una de las principales miras del neo-eurasianismo contemporáneo –  Tomar de todas las más antiguas culturas guerreras todo lo que sea fuerte, lo más volitivo, lo mejor para las necesidades del totalitarismo Islámico visto como un nuevo sistema religioso global, ocultado bajos diferentes nombres: Horda, Khazaria, Califato y demás. Exactamente la misión de este anexionismo a gran escala sirve a “la cuarta teoría política”, o “Jihad conspirativa” del profesor eurasianista Dugin. Todo esto es muy simple; si América desaparece (y Europa occidental), sólo un gobernante global sin ataduras quedará – Islam-Oriente. Como una geopolítica pasable, Putin ha cometido el más catastrófico de los errores, escogiendo para Rusia una “dirección Eurasianista”. Rusia siempre ha estado como una Súper-gigantesca Fortaleza Eslava, especialmente – la más basta tierra fronteriza de Indo-Europa. Históricamente: Rusia – ¡Rus’!-  fortaleció el espíritu de su nación sólo con la continua ayuda de una Resistencia de Acero a través de innumerables, salvajes y despiadados “enemigos permanentes”. Esto es: los Rusos probaron toda su Voluntad de Poder, al repeler temerarios, incursión tas incursión de diferentes tribus bárbaras de Asia. Cuando de otra parte – Del occidente – Europa comenzó la guerra contra esta Enigmática Tierra del Espíritu, siempre sufrió una repulsión. ¿Por qué? La Rusia Histórica – Es la Gran Tierra Eslava (La Fortaleza de la Guarda del Espíritu) de nuestra Civilización Indo-Europea Universal, la caída de esta (¡o su total rendición al Islam!) sería equivalente a la Muerte del mundo. Aparentemente en esto reconoce Dugin y otros de esa especie – demoler Rusia y después enviar al flameante infierno a toda Indo-Europa. Por esto en contra de la “cuarta teoría política” he opuesto satisfactoriamente mi “Theory Of Destruction To All Systems” (Teoría de destrucción de todos los sistemas) y la doctrina de “Indo-Europe Rising” (Levantamiento Indo-Europeo). Sólo la sagrada India es el Corazón Secreto de la Europa Aria; y muy pronto, ahí, estará la revolución del más poderoso nivel Espiritual que cambiará instantáneamente todos los principios y leyes de las teorías primitivas y contemporáneas de revueltas. Entonces nosotros veremos cómo el Tibet sagrado estará de nuevo libre por los medios de la Gran Revolucion-Shunya. Veremos cómo en todo respecto la sobornadora China espiritualmente explotará y se destruirá a sí misma desde adentro. Nos regocijaremos cuando la ociosa, bien alimentada y pomposa América será conmovida por un gran movimiento de motines de la Voluntad para Vivir, como la ballena blanca Moby Dick.
Usted sostiene que Europa no se debilitará, como vemos nosotros, si no que renacerá en una revolución espiritual. Para usted Europa tendrá un rol central en esta revolución empezada por la resistencia de movimientos locales. ¿Puede decirnos algo más?
Bastante cierto. Como dijo Nietzsche: “El centro está en todas partes”. En ciertas condiciones de la máxima influencia de los Nuevos Poderes Espirituales – El occidente, en cualquier punto del tiempo, puede volverse un acertijo aun más grande que el este. Esto depende directamente de la pureza de la ruptura del “código de Europa” y la activación de poderes revolucionarios enteramente nuevos sin “orientación islámica”. Europa – no es una “mujer vieja “como gusta decir un desleal como Alain de Benoist y otros “débiles pensadores basura”, si no – Europa – una ocultada física e intelectualmente juventud de Voluntad Inquebrantable. Exactamente esto – ¡Duramente afilada juventud de Voluntad! – como un súbito destello del Espíritu hará los cambios necesarios en Europa en el futuro próximo. ¡“Leones sonrientes deberán venir” sólo para y por el bien de un sagrado Sí a la vida! Por esto: aún la ostentosa “The Decline of the west” (El decline del occidente) de Spengler – En este punto del crecimiento de los poderes no es ya una sabia “advertencia”, si no sólo obtusa, y traicionera “basura intelectual” –  una miserable instigación histórica tras de la decadencia y el declive. ¡Sí! Exactamente ahora es necesario Sobre-firmemente oponerse a los deliberados y falsamente coherentes argumentos de palabreros filosóficos y traicioneras predicciones de expertos cobardes y tolerantes, nuestras más iluminadas y valientes ideas del Nuevo Renacer de Europa como nunca antes y en ningún lugar han visto mayor Unanimidad Espiritual y Entereza Mística. Así como India nunca ha sido antes Asia o Europa, y Europa era similar, no siendo ni Europa ni Asia. Nuestra Indo-Europa siempre ha existido simultánea como la más antigua Grandeza del Cielo y la más misteriosa tierra del Poder Ario. Uno debe de recordar siempre esto: una ostentosa “pasionalidad” Occidental pierde su fuerza sólo ahí donde su poder cruelmente encuentra un mayor Levantamiento Espiritual – Un mayor Sobre flujo de Absoluta Voluntad para Vivir como una Voluntad de Poder para Siempre.
Si me permite la comparación, usted me recuerda a otro ruso, Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg, Luchador Europeo por las Tradiciones del viejo occidente contra el materialismo Bolchevista. Sobre este personaje nunca se ha expresado. ¿Cuánto de la batalla de Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg ve en la suya?
El Barón Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg fue muy bravo, muy cruel y muy realista en su táctica de Guerra contra el “materialismo Bolchevista”, pero al mismo tiempo él estaba dotado con la salvación de la “locura divina” y un especialmente extremo sentido del fiero “romanticismo militar”. La enigmática, salvaje y bárbara Asia para Urgernsólo fue una manada misteriosa de “exóticos jugadores de cartas” (¡Ungern-Tarot!) que eran necesarios para él por un peligroso, cautivador y Sentenciado Juego a su propia Muerte. Este incesante juego hasta la muerte de Ungern uno a uno conformó al mas despiadado de los dichos del Código de Manchuria: “Si hay un arte de la Victoria, entonces este arte es – ser muerto”. El aproximamiento similar de la Guerra del Espíritu como un permanente y cruel Juego a Muerte sin apartarse adhiere a otro temerario avatar del Riesgo y el Honor – el escritor-samurái YukioMishima. Para Mishima el Emperador Japonés con su sagrada “cabeza de dragón” fue siempre el necesario comodín místico  sin el cual ninguna Revolución Samurái del Espíritu llegaría a ser una simbólica y legendaria. Ese es porqué Mishima siempre decididamente se opuso a toda restauración del tan llamado “humanismo de la era Taisho” como a una traición pérfida, generada de la tolerancia universal de los débiles regateros, tontos filósofos y cobardes políticos. Pero en condiciones de la presencia del Dios vivo y real, Mishima, Estoy absolutamente seguro de esto, pudo arreglárselas sin la presencia del “Comodín-emperador” y sus “cartas de juego” del Japón tradicional. Para mí en este punto de referencia, como ya he escrito previamente en mi “Theory Of Destruction To All Systems” (Teoría de destrucción de todos los sistemas): “Yo no necesito de ninguna persona. Yo soy por sí mismo – y Dios, y Tierra, y Raza”.[3]

[1] Juego de palabras del Overman: superhombre en ingles con el Over: sobre.
[2] Will to Will…
[3] “I don’t need any people. I am itself — and God, and Soil, and Race”


Traducido del inglés al español:
Jose Ricardo Regalado Orozco


SIGNS: “Compound of relations between Forces”…

Deleuze anxiously asks: “with what other forces the forces within human enter into a relation, in a given historical formation, and what form is created as a result from these compound forces?”

Yes. Deleuze is absolutely right ― the question that continually returns is the following: “if the forces within man compose a form only by entering into relation with forms from the outside, with what new forms do they now risk entering a relation, and what new form will emerge that is neither God nor Man?” My answer is self-evident: the Over-in-Itself! Neither God nor Man nor Overman. Id est: not Over-man, but only the Over [Without!] man. First of all [in Spirit!] is the Absolute Revolution from within: the Pure Over as suchϟ

It is approach of the perfected and stronger Steel of Spirit. Yes, There is stern need of the Over Without man as a holy Yes to Life! The Overman is dead… as Nietzsche’s God and/or Deleuze himself! But ― ‘the Over’! ― Without the man is the Source of Eternal Life and now consists only of one Lightnings: ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ

Our line of sight of the Over-Revolution:
One must learn to ride the dragons ↑
Dragons of Horror kill dragons of fear ↑
The Revolution from within ↑ …
Beyond the beyond and Upward ↑
Beyond all forms, and no forms ϟ
Philosophy with a Shunya-hammer ϟ
To think about Shunya only with
the help of Lightnings ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ

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by Azsacra Zarathustra

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“Azsacra Zarathustra:
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“Azsacra Zarathustra:
The Creator of Shunyarevolution
and Absolute Revolution”
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“THE OVER WITHOUT MAN” by Azsacra Zarathustra [Volume 1]

“THE OVER WITHOUT MAN” by Azsacra Zarathustra [Volume 2]

“THE OVER WITHOUT MAN” by Azsacra Zarathustra [Volume 3]